How we charge for our junk removal services


We operate one of the largest vans in the Bristol area, which allows us to efficiently remove greater capacities. We make fewer trips to our facilities saving us time and money. Those savings in turn are passed on to you.

Our pricing is quoted by the volume your items will take up in the truck. We price per Cubic Yards; 1 (one) cubic yard is a measure of volume equal to 3ft. x 3ft. x 3ft. You only pay for the exact volume your items as they are measured in cubic yards.


Example LoadVolumeCharge
10 to 15 black bags1 cubic yard£35
2 seater sofa 2 cubic yards£60
Double wardrobe1 cubic yard£35
BathroomsAverage of between 2 to 6 cubic yards£60 to £120
KitchensAverage of between 5 to 12 cubic yards£100 to £220
Double bed1 cubic yard£35
Single mattress 0.5 cubic yardMinimum charge of £35
Under counter fridge0.75 cubic yardMinimum charge of £35
Fridge freezer1 cubic yard£35
Full Load12 cubic yards£220

Hardcore in bags £2.50 for up to 20 bags and £1 per bag for thereafter
Minimum collection up to 10 bags for £35

NOTE: Prices listed in the above table are estimates only. For exact pricing, please contact us via 07970 144148 for a quotation. Please text a picture and your address for a quote.

Our rates include loading, sweeping, and all recycling and disposal fees. Some extremely heavy items such as concrete, soil, rubble, etc, will be charged by weight instead of volume. Please contact us if you are unsure.


Due to their hazardous nature,we cannot remove certain items. These include biological or medical waste, Asbestos, raw meat and fish (unless packaged), gas canisters,oils, paint, toxic substances


hazardous signs PNG


Recycle and / or ReUse
In order have the least impact on our environment, Roo´s Junk Removal recycle 85% of the items we collect. The remaining 15% will be donated, sold or disposed of in a non-damaging way. If you are unsure whether your item is recyclable, don´t hesitate to contact us and we´ll gladly let you know.