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Our Junk Removal Services


They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. So why not view our video below to show exactly how are waste removal service can work for you…



So for any questions you might have,  email us via info@roosjunkremoval.co.uk or call 07970 144148.


How It Works

1. Give us a call to tell us what needs to be removed. Based on description of items, parking access and distance, we will give you an estimate over the phone, and arrange the appointment.

2. Once onsite, point us to the junk. We´ll give you an exact quote on the spot. If the price is ok, we´ll go ahead and clear the items right then and there

3. Payment will be made by card, and you will be provided with a proper invoice instead of just a cash receipt. We will also provide a waste transfer note for all recyclables, which will be emailed to you

4. We´ll ensure to leave your premises spotless – we always perform a thorough sweep after removing the items.

You items will be taken to our facility to be sorted. We recycle up to 85% of waste collected, while the rest will be donated or disposed of in the least environmentally damaging way.


Why  Us?

By letting Roo´s Junk Removal take care of your clearance needs, you get an experienced crew who will expertly remove everything from your premises, clean up if needed and dispose of everything in the most efficient manner. All you have to do is sit back, watch us work, and enjoy your new clear space


Recycle and / or Reuse
In order have the least impact on our environment, Roo´s Junk Removal recycle 85% of the items we collect. The remaining 15% will be disposed of in the most environmentally friendly way. We can always advise you if your item can be re-cycled.